dimecres, 22 de desembre de 2010


Aquest panell amb fotografies de dibuixants és del any 1961 i tots érem de la Editorial Bruguera.

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  1. Que buena coleccion de artista andabais por alli y cuantos buenos ratos pasamos con vuestros trabajos.

  2. Hi!
    I was looking at tumblr and found this image of a sexy blonde girl with half-wolf-half men and I looked into your work and it is awesome!
    I know it is last minute but i was wondering if maybe you even have time within the next 13 hours to draw a really quick black and white sketch of me?
    I can't offer money but the book will get promotion in Vice magazine and V etc.
    Here is my website to see my press: www.actuallyactually.com

    It is for this coloring book that I am putting together to go with my album which comes out October 20th.
    The deadline for the coloring book unfortunately is Very soon (tomorrrow actually), but if you are interested in being a part of it, we would gladly wait a day for you!
    I promise awesome promo and also to send the book and any other merch you like...or if you ever need a model.. I will do it for free !
    Another awesome artist named Emanuele Taglietti did a portrait of me in a coffin.
    There is a photo of his image on the Pre-sale page for the book here:

    And here is the secret link to my new album:
    (the password is scavengeroflove please enter it a second time if it doesn't work the first time :))


    You could pick ANY of the songs that inspires you to do a quick sketch. each page is 12 by 12, would just need to be black and white. and you would retain copyright, etc.

    Please let me know if you are inspired enough to draw something really fast!

    I would be so HONORED!
    Deadline is tomorrow night but maybe you will really like me! hahaha

    Okay Besos!